The group «Hayel Saeed » Resumes work after a day of suspension

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Yemen's largest industrial and commercial group has announced its resumption of sales in the local market, a day after announcing the suspension of all its industrial, economic and service activities, as a result of the rising exchange rate of the dollar against the Yemeni riyal.


The team leader of the group of companies, " Hayel Saeed ", directed the directors of all industrial, commercial and service companies to resume the sales process.


The group had approved the discontinuation of the continuing and irrational escalation of foreign exchange versus Yemeni riyal and its unavailability on the market and its effects on the inability to pay for raw material purchases.


The Yemeni riyal registered a significant rise against foreign currencies, arriving on Wednesday to 530 riyals, while the Saudi Riyal was registered at 140 riyals.

نشكركم متابعين وزوار بوابة ميدان الأخبار على الثقة والتواجد، كما نعدكم بتقديم كل جديد وهام من كافة المصادر الإخبارية الموثوقة، وقد تم نقل ( The group «Hayel Saeed » Resumes work after a day of suspension ), والمصدر هو المسئول عن ما ورد بالخبر.
المصدر : المصدر اونلاين

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