"The Afrah Baduylan ". From anti-corruption to its practice with al-Houthi and legitimacy

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After the invasion of al-Houthi, capital of Sana'a, Judge Afrah Baduylan, president of the Supreme National Anti-Corruption Authority, was the first government official to receive the armed and bizarre "person" who was wandering in institutions with armed groups, and people were questioning his identity, before he later knew that Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, chairman of the Al-Houthi revolutionary committee.


Early this week, President Hadi was in Aden, receiving the Afrah Baduylan in the interim capital of Aden and the members of the National Anti-corruption authority.


Between this and that date, years of futility, opportunism and corruption, the "Judge" and her body, originally established to combat these phenomena, have been practiced.


Afrah Baduylan has decided to be aligned with the Houthi coup, and has established an office of the Supreme al-Houthi revolutionary committee in the body, and after her deputy, Dr. Ebtihaj Al-Kamal of Sana'a and her accession to legality in the year 2015, began to coordinate with al-Houthi by issuing a decision to appoint Nabil Azzani, one The staff of the Fund, acting as Vice-president of the Commission, succeeding the Al Kamal.


During that period, the staff members who refused to work with al-Houthi were curtailed, and the employees who were forced to leave Sana'a were cut off from September 2015, although the central bank in Sana'a continued to spend salaries until the end of the year 2016.


"Judge" continued to work with al-Houthi and to deal with their institutions, went to the House of Representatives to honor Yahya al-Ra’ee as "The most honest person", conducted numerous interviews and television encounters, and told a meeting with the channel "Alsaeedah" that it was not honored to work with legitimacy.


Not only that, sources to  "Almasdar online" revealed that Afrah Baduylan provided al-Houthi with a list of the property of State agents and ministers and their assets, as they provided details in the financial disclosure, which led the al-Houthi to rob the property, after the militia had issued a large list With the funds and assets of those persons who were being pursued by the armed group.


Why did you move to Aden?


After the al-Houthi authority began to recede slowly, after the successive liberation of the governorates and regions of Yemen, Afrah Baduylan realized that their ship was inevitably submerged and that it was only a "matter of time", and that the moment of jumping from this ship and keeping the position was that.


When she was a judge of the juvenile court, she decided to imprison "girl" on a case. The time turned and, father of "the Girl" became Houthi supervisor; he worked to harass her and to fabricate problems for her, according to sources  "Almasdar Online".


Two factors paid for the decision to move to Aden at the beginning of the year 2018, and there she announced her accession to legality and kept knocking on the doors to meet with the president, which happened this week.


From there, they have continued to play their role of "promoting corruption, not combating it"; where they were found to have paid salaries to employees working with Al-Houthi, the displaced staff were trained in Aden, and their salaries were hindered by the fact that they did not prepare letters to finance to receive those salaries.


What it is now seeking is to persuade the president to extend to the 11 members of the Commission, where the mandate of the Commission is supposed to expire in September 2018, and more than half of the 10 members are working in Sana'a with the al-Houthi group, and only 3 members are in Aden.


Extension if it is in contravention of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act adopted in 2006, which specifies that its term of employment is one, and furthermore, the extension means giving legitimacy to the body that works with the al-Houthi group in Sana'a, and from those Members who receive its salaries from Aden.


Afrah Baduylan worked to persuade President Hadi at the meeting to approve 35% of the 2014 budget as an operational budget for the authority this year, although we are now in the second half of the year, and although the body has its core budget, and the source to "Almasdar online" says, the budget is actually adopted from Hadi with approximately 250 Milion One Yemeni riyal.



If that budget is disbursed, the question here is why it was disbursed, at a time when the anti-corruption body would expire only two months later, or would Hadi wish this body to continue in the following manner.


is the opportunity for the expiry of the term of office of the President and members of the current body to be used to appoint a well-reputed body, to the level required by the current difficult situation of Yemenis, or are we coming to a new disappointment?

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